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How to Maximise Your Croissant Time at CIGRE Paris

[..] I have a fancy now: to have applications like this one […] available for members interested

Francois Meslier CIGRE Secretary General
the 44th CIGRE Paris has 444 paper presentations

At the 44th CIGRE Paris this year, there are over 6000 engineers attending to see 444 paper presentations held in 4 rooms concurrently.

But CIGRE isn’t just about the presentations, its a time to duck out mid- session and take your loved one for a coffee, a time to meet with someone just like you that works in the same job in another country.

How do you fit it all in, and not miss those 10-30 “must see” papers?

Now there is the CIGRE paper scheduler A place for you to search and find the papers that interest you, and see when and where you need to be to watch the presentations. It has a calendar that updates live as you select papers, showing you when your free times are so you can schedule your own meeting on the Seine.

See you in Paris!

Used the CIGRE scheduler? We’re still improving it. What is one thing that you would change?

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