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When a String Isn’t a String

A blog reader wrote in to present me with a devious problem. the mdlnam function returns dynamic model name for generators, excitation systems and others. Can you spot the problem with the code below?

Check for Network Solution Convergence

When running a load flow, checking for convergence is simple. There is a dedicated function in the PSS/E API called psspy.solved. How would you do the same thing during a dynamic study?

Solve a Loadflow With PSSE

I’ve been asked many times: “How do I solve a loadflow with Python?” It’s a great question because once you know how to solve a loadflow – you can begin to automate your PSSE work.

This video will show you exactly how to solve a PSSE loadflow using the full newton raphson solution.

Electricity Hedge Contracts Save Money in Volatile Australian Market

Hedge contracts are for large consumers

Last week, we investigated how a pool pass through contract could save you money. We concluded that when market conditions are favourable, your electricity bill will be lower if you take the pool price. That post raised some discussion about what if hedge contracts had been purchased instead.

In this post we investigate how hedging your electricity contract can insure you against the volatility of the market.

Will a Pool Pass Through Contract Reduce Your Electricity Bill?

Electricity prices vary throughout the day

We investigate the raw cost of electricity. How much profit does a retailer make in selling us electricity?

Not everyone will find this article interesting. Because not everyone has a huge electricity bill or works in the electricity industry. If your electricity usage is greater than 50000 kWh / year (the equivalent usage of ten small families) then this is for you.

For those not reading on: Conclusion, A pool pass through contract could save 24% on your annual electricity bill. But by doing so you take on wholesale market risk instead of your retailer, and we note that in recent months it may have been more profitable to be on a fixed contract due to the large spike in volatility after the carbon price introduction.

Export PSSE Data to Excel

Have you ever wanted to export data from PSSE into Microsoft Excel? In today’s post we’ll show you the exact steps that you need to export your data from PSSE directly into Microsoft Excel using Python.