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A blog for power systems engineers to learn Python.

Power Systems Consulting

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Stay on top of the variable electricity market

Do you need to automatically switch on your generation fleet when the price is high? We can connect you and your generation to the latest electricity market data. Stay ahead of the competition or protect yourself against market volatility using proprietary algorithms. We write bespoke automation software to enhance the market capabilities of your existing generator control systems.

Call about our Gen Data Connect package so you can automatically control your electricity market generator to protect from and take advantage of market volatility.

Convert IPLAN scripts to Python scripts

Do you have legacy IPLAN and IDEV scripts that you need updating? Here is how our dedicated team can help you:

  • We’ll document your current IPLAN program;
  • We’ll benchmark your IPLAN program output;
  • Convert to Python; then
  • Verify new program correctness against the benchmarked program output

We’ll translate your old IPLAN scripts into the best written Python code available. Your engineers will be in a much better position to extend the code in the future. Use our extensive Python knowledge to give you a clean start with your IPLAN conversion program.

Ask about our IPLAN to Python script conversion service, our rates start from as low as $800 for a 150 line IPLAN script.

Audit your PSSE Script writing practices

Your PSSE script archive has grown organically over the years. Engineers have come and gone, and each have either extended or duplicated the existing codebase. Now there are scripts that many people are no longer sure how to use. There are folders full of scripts with strange filenames, adding to the mental load for anyone new joining the company. They may duplicate existing scripts, not knowing that the problem had already been solved in the past.

What if someone could clean up the entire archive and give you a clean slate. Your engineers would get clear written guides for the most useful scripts, and detailed instructions on the best way to share and collaborate.

We’re expert Python programmers that work in the power systems industry. One part power systems engineer, one part rocket scientist. We’ve worked on everything from fault level studies, generator SCADA systems, to analysing electricity market data in Australia, Canada and Germany.

Call to let us give you a fresh start on your existing PSSE scripts.

Long term planning studies, multiple scenarios with PSSE

Modern planning studies must consider an increasingly large number of scenarios. Managing them all is difficult:

  • High growth;
  • Medium growth;
  • Low growth:
  • High growth, high renewable; and
  • many more…

Making a mistake means re-running hundreds of studies. Sound familiar? We can work with your planning engineers to manage the complexity. There will be less room for a mistakes, and with a better overview they’ll be in a good position to see patterns emerging.

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