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Jervis Whitley and Daniel Hillier are one part power system engineer and one part rocket scientist based in Melbourne, Australia

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A1New Electric Machine Compensators of Reactive Power with Double-Axis Excitation
A1Inertia of Hydro Generators. Influence on the Dimensioning, Cost, Efficiency and Performance of the Units
A1Nanotechnology in high voltage insulation systems for large electrical machinery - First results
A1Calculation of Electromagnetic Force on Damper Windings for 1000MW Hydro-generator Using Time-stepping FEM
A1Type test and torsional vibration measurement of a gigatop 4-pole generator for an EPR power plant
A1Diagnostic method of electrical rotors by applying the sweep frequency response analyzer (SFRA)
A1Stator water system monitoring for large turbo- generator- a user's perspective
A1Dynamic temperature monitoring and life assessment techniques for electrical machines
A1Direct Measurement of Strand Temperature of Turbo-generator with FBG Sensors
A1On-line PD Monitoring System with Microstrip Antenna for Synchronous Generators
A1Upgrade of Eraring Power Station Turbo Generators from 660MW to 750MW
A1Cluster Analysis of Partial Discharge in Electrical Machines
A1Energy efficiency evaluation investigation on high voltage inverter retrofit for fans and pumps in power plants
A1Generators asset management tool using Bayesian network
A1Application of Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) for inter-turn detection of in medium-voltage coils manufacturing
A1Program for Reform and Modernization of Cemig GT Hydro Power Plants
A1Development of diagnostic rules for hydrogenerators
A1Tidal Power Plant Bulb Unit Management Through Air Gap Monitoring
A1Distributed Power Generation: Particularities of and Specific Requirements to Gas Turbine and Gas-Piston Engine Generation Units
A1Trends in Monitoring and Diagnostics of Wind Generators
A1Current State of On-line Partial Discharge Diagnosis Methods in Hydro-Generator Using a Novel Noise Reduction Method
A1Turbogas power units retrofit : a technique to ensure improved efficiency, reliability and sustainability for smart grids
A2New technologies for monitoring transformer tap-changers and bushings and their integration into a modern IT infrastructure
A2The implementation and operational experience of transformers control, monitoring and diagnostic systems at the United National Electric Pow...
A2Autotransformers evolution, reliability, safety and modelling in the Italian transmission grid
A2EHV/HV autotransformers with in-phase and in-quadrature voltage regulation. Applications in Ghana
A2Dealing with the lack of loading and overloading data to determine the loss of life of the power transformer insulating paper
A2Modern Machine Learning Techniques for Power Transformer Condition Assessment
A2Identification of early-stage paper degradation by methanol
A2Enhanced Modelling and Early Detection of Power Transformers Internal Incipient Faults
A2A computer program for life-time management of power transformers
A2On-line Monitoring of Power Transformer by Fundamental Frequency Signals
A2Life Time Prediction of Power Transformers with Condition Monitoring
A2Critical technical aspects during design, manufacturing and testing of India's firt 1200 kV UHVAC transformer
A2Salient design features of 188MVA, 220/96/28kV biggest rating Regulating Transformer
A2Bushing Failures with Rapid and Very Rapid Evolution Time Detected by Online Monitoring
A2Ultra high frequency (UHF) partial discharge detection for power transformers: Sensitivity check on 800 MVA power transformers and first fi...
A2POWER TRANSFORMERS with environmentally friendly and low flammability ester liquids
A2Amorphous metal-based distribution transformers: evaluation of the current technology situation and a proposed design for short-circuit wit...
A2Considerations for the Design, Manufacture, and Retro - filling of Power Transformers with High Fire Point, Biodegradable Ester Fluids
A2Energy Efficient Transformers and Reactors Some incentive models and case studies to show the long term profitability of such designs
A2Quo vadis aged transformer fleets?
A2Practical application of on-site vapour phase drying technique on power transformers
A2Optimization of power transformers based on operative service conditions for improved performance
A2Electromagnetic simulations supporting the development of dry-type transformers for subtransmission voltage levels
A2Ester Insulating Liquids for Power Transformers
A2The use of ester transformer fluids for increased fire safety and reduced costs
A2New paper-free insulation technology for dry high-voltage condenser bushings
A2Direct current in transformers: effects and compensation
A2The dynamic harmonics characteristics research of Extra/Ultra high voltage magnetically controlled shunt reactor
A2Behaviour of transformers under DC/GIC excitation: Phenomenon, Impact on design/design evaluation process and Modelling aspects in support...
A2Effects of Geomagnetically Induced Currents on Power Transformers and Power Systems
A2On-site Measurement, Suppressing and Assessment of Inrush Currents in a 1000kV UHV Transformer, with Consideration of Core Saturation
A2Benefits of transformers based on triangular wound core configurations
A33AV1FG - 72.5 kV Prototype Vacuum Circuit Breaker (Case Study with Pilot Customers)
A3Arcless Tests of the High Voltage Oil-filled Electrical Equipment on Explosion Safety
A3Prospective Single and Multi-Phase Short-Circuit Current Levels in the Dutch Transmission, Sub-Transmission and Distribution Grids
A3Switching Impulse Voltage Flashover Characteristics of Air Gaps in ±800kV UHV DC Transmission Tower and altitude correction
A3Critical Design Aspects for Reliability of 1200 kV UHV AC Capacitor Voltage Transformer under Severe System Conditions
A3Assessment of Transformer Modeling Impact on Transient Recovery Voltage in Transformer Limited Faults
A3Considerations on Transformer Limited Fault duty for GCB in UHV and EHV networks with large capacity power transformers
A3A new Method for Investigating the Arc Behaviour in HVDC Circuit Breakers based on a novel Current Source
A3Mitigation of Very Fast Transient Overvoltages in Gas Insulated UHV Substations
A3A new generation of Composite Support Insulators for UHV DC and AC systems
A3The Impact of Switching Capacitor Banks with Very High Inrush Current on Switchgear
A3End of life estimation and optimisation of maintenance of HV switchgear and GIS substations
A3Computer Simulation Tool for the Design and Optimation for UHV SF6 Circuit Breakers
A3Practical Circuit Breaker Condition Monitoring With Protective Relays
A3Condition Assessment of EHV class Circuit Breakers using Dynamic Contact Resistance Measurement Technique
A3Reliability Analysis of Generator Circuit-Breakers
A3Egyptian Experience of Live Line Washing System for 500kV Outdoor Equipment to Improve Availability
A3Suitability evaluation of improved high voltage circuit breaker design with drastically reduced environmental impact
A3Design and application of composite insulators in AC and DC systems with special attention to severe environment
A3Study of the Interest of Thermo-Chemical Non Equilibrium in the Case of High-Voltage Circuit Breaker Simulations
A3Salinity effect on the Corona onset for a 765 KV AC Substation Connector
A3Verification of Seismic Performance on EHV Gas Insulated Switchgear
B1The realization and commissioning of the ±500 kV 1000 MW HVDC link Sardinia Island - Italian Peninsula (SAPEI)
B1Reduction of Magnetic Field Levels on Joint Bays
B1The Cork Harbour 220kV Submarine Cable Project
B1Availability and Risk Assessment of 380 kV Cable Systems in Transmission Grids
B1Guide to Sheath Bonding Design, in Distribution and Transmission Lines with HV Underground Cables
B1Modernization Manzanillo I The Mexican largest power transmission network of 400 kV with XLPE cable systems: Design and Construction
B1Overhead to Underground Transmission Line Coupling - Technical Recommendations to Brazilian Utilities
B1Design and Installation of One Section of Anhanguera - Casa Verde Underground Transmission Line - 138 kV, Using Special "T" Joints
B1EHV Cable Installation Technology for Tunnels and Ducts in Japan
B1Recent Experiences with AC Hipot & PD Commissioning Testing of XLPE Cable systems Rated 69kV and Above
B1Pneumatic Testing of the Insulation of Low-Voltage Underground Cables
B1Parametric sensitivity analysis of the innovative enlargement law for extruded HVDC cables
B1Extension and Optimization of the Load Range of DRT Test Systems for Testing Extra Long HV and UHV Cables
B1Operational experience of dynamic cable rating
B1Application of diagnostics based on partial discharge measurements to assess the technical condition of PILC insulated MV cables
B1Condition assessment of synthetic insulated cables and accessories operating more than 20 years on the French network
B1Dynamic Thermal Modeling of Insulated Cables
B1Condition and Remaining Life of Taped Transmission Cables through Non- Invasive and Invasive Testing Based on In-service Cables and Cable Sam...
B1400kV 2500SQMM XLPE Cable Systems type Test and Prequalification test with their Accesories
B1Asset management for power cable systems - Total cost optimization based on the Application of diagnostics -
B1Correlation between calculated transmission capacity and actual one
B1Integrated Development and Assessment of New Thermoplastic High Voltage Power Cable Systems
B1Superconducting medium-voltage cables for urban power supply as an alternative scenario to 110 kV installations
B1Superconducting HVDC Power Cables for Voltage Source Converter Systems
B1Research on the Technical Scheme for Conversion of 500kV Submarine SCLF AC Cable Circuit to DC Operation in Hainan Grid-connection Project
B1Development of the HVDC ±80kV XLPE Cable System and Construction of Test-bed in KOREA
B2Design of the ±500 kV HVDC Bipole III line in Manitoba, Canada
B2Voltage Uprating of Statnett’s 300 kV Transmission Lines to 420 kV
B2Use of high thermal limit conductors in the replacement of 220kV overhead lines in the Tirolean Alps
B2Introduction of high temperature low sag conductors to the Irish transmission grid
B2Weather forecasted thermal line rating model for the Netherlands
B2Area-wide dynamic line ratings based on weather measurements
B2Prospective AC to DC Conversion of two parallel 287 kV Transmission Lines in the Western US
B2Radial and Longitudinal Temperature Gradients in Bare Stranded Conductors with High Current Densities
B2A study for electric environment characteristics in 154kV AC / 80kV DC Hybrid Transmission line
B2Extreme weather studies by using modern meteorology
B2Experience of Russia on preventing ice-wind failures in electric systems
B2Wet-Snow Accretion on Conductors : the Italian Approach to Reduce Risks on Existing OHL.
B2On-Line Wireless PD Monitoring System for Contamination Detection on High Voltage Overhead Transmission Lines Insulators
B2Full scale tower and foundation tests help to identify reliability of existing lines and gives guidance of likely dynamic tower/foundation in...
B2Effects from downbursts on overhead lines; Meteorological thunderstorm study - climatological, meteorological and CFD analysis
B2Overhead lines Asset Management in the Belgian network.
B2Problems of determining ice-wind loads in the seaside zones to prevent accidents on OHLs
B2The Classification Principle of Galloping Probability Distribution Map in North China Power System
B2Reliability of Transmission Towers under Extreme Wind and Ice Loading
B2On Modeling the Dynamic Response of the 190M-High TL Tower for the Crossing of Trombetas River in the Amazon Region
B2Corrosion Characteristics Based on an Investigation of Sampled OHTL Conductors and a Probabilistic Lifetime Estimation Method
B2Assesment of the Condition of Overhead Line Composite Insulators
B2Upgrading the performance of the Apollo - Cahora Bassa 533kV links
B2Example of refurbishment of overhead lines 400 kV at Western Cape after major pollution event in February 2006
B2Lattice tower corrosion inspection with UAV
B2Refurbishment of Transmission Lines Resulting in Improvement in Pollution Performance in Northern Region in India
B3Real-time Monitoring and Capture of Power System Transients
B3Compact Substations for Quick Installation SCRI (Stazioni Compatte a Rapida Installazione)
B3Service experience of IEC 61850 Process Bus using Non Conventional Instrument Transformers and implications in the evolution of High Voltage...
B3Electrical and Non-Electrical Environment of Wind Turbine Main Components
B3Developing a Roadmap for Introduction of IEC61850 based solutions for HV Substations in the Republic of Ireland
B3A new solution for space saving of substations in Tehran Regional Electric Company
B3The challenge for busbar disconnectors of gas insulated switchgear (GIS) in a 420kV mixed technology (Hybrid) substation (MTS)
B3DIGITAL SUBSTATION - Tests of Process Bus with GIS Non Conventional Instrument Transformers
B3Valencia Plan, model project to integrate facilities into the environment and reduce spaces
B3First Multivendor 400 KV Transmission Line Protection Scheme Using an IEC 61850-9-2 Digital Network for Optical CT's and Protection Relays
B3Optimal robot navigation for inspection and surveillance in electric substations
B3Design Challenges in the 765kV Air Insulated Substation
B3On-line monitoring of substation condition - a Romanian experience
B3The on-line monitoring systems combined with Decision Support System for HV and EHV Terna’s Substations maintenance
B3Recycling, uprating and upgrading of a High Voltage Substation located at downtown of a big city
B3Applying IEC 60865 on Low tension Inter-plant Spans in EHV Switchyards
B3Condition assessment of instrument transformers using Dielectric Response Analysis
B3Enhancement of Substation Reliability by Retrofitting Existing bus Configuration Applying Hybrid Switchgear
B3Safety analysis for Grounding Potential Rise of Two Neighbouring Substations: Case Study of Metropolitan Electricity Authority’s System
B3Monitoring and condition assessment for GIS substations and GIL
B3Short circuit Uprating, methodology throughout the diversity of required skills On behalf of B3-23
B3Design Experience of 230/115/69kV Substation Refurbishment / Extension Project in Philippine Grid Network
B3Substation Upgrade of Existing Facilities - A Succeed Experience
B3Changes in requirements for substation equipment and examples of new technologies applied to existing facilities
B3On-site tests at UHV substation
B3Quality Analysis of Connectors Used in the Uprating of San Carlos and Chivor Substations
B4Life Extension of Nelson River HVDC System
B4Commutation Failure Propagation in Multi-Infeed HVdc Systems
B4Planning the Next Nelson River HVDC Development Phase Considering LCC vs. VSC Technology
B4New Fenno-Skan 2 HVDC pole with an upgrade of the existing Fenno-Skan 1 pole
B4A new control scheme for an HVDC transmission link with capacitor-commutated converters having the inverter operating with constant alternati...
B4Caprivi Link HVDC Interconnector: Comparison between energized system testing and real-time simulator testing
B4Upgrading the Intermountain HVDC Project to handle 480 MW additional Wind Power
B4The Reliability of HVDC Projects in SGCC and the Operation Experience
B4New French-Spanish VSC link
B4The Rio Madeira HVDC System - Design aspects of Bipole 1 and the connector to Acre-Rondônia
B4The ± 600 kV HVDC Madeira River Transmission System Design
B4A survey of the Reliability of HVDC Systems Troughout the World During 2009 - 2010
B4R&D progress of ±1100kV UHVDC technology
B4Computationally Efficient Sub-module Selection Scheme for Voltage Balancing Controller of Modular Multilevel Converter
B4Development of High Efficiency D-STATCOM Using SiC Switching Devices
B4Requirements of DC-DC Converters to facilitate large DC Grids
B4A 24 MW level voltage source converter demonstrator to evaluate different converter topologies
B4Multi-Terminal HVDC Grid with Power Flow Controllability
B4Application of HVDC to the Emergency Control of the Hybrid DC/AC ENTSO-E - IPS/UPS Network Interface
B4An integrated AC-DC multiterminal grid in the western Mediterranean Basin - development, planning and design challenges
B4Grid Code Compliance Support for Connecting Renewable Energy into Transmission Line using D-STATCOM System
B4Projects BorWin2 and HelWin1 - Large Scale Multilevel Voltage-Sourced Converter Technology for Bundling of Offshore Windpower
B4Technical guidelines for first HVDC grids - A European study group based on an initiative of the German commission for electrical, electronic...
B4HVDC meshed grid: Control and protection of a multi-terminal HVDC system
B4Tres Amigas : A flexible gateway for renewable energy exchange between the three asynchronous AC networks in the USA
B5The Using Differential Protection Based Wide Area Protection to Prevent Large Contingencies in the Power Grids
B5Automated Protection Coordination and Verification - An Important Task for Continuing the Service Reliability in Future Networks
B5A New Substation Level Dispatching Approach to Increase the Network Control and Performances in Presence of Dispersed Generation
B5Foundations for the design of future WAPS and WACS in Argentina
B5Zero Sequence Compensation Factor Effect on Distance Protection Ground Reach (Practical study)
B5Over-current Supervised Zone 1 Settings on Eskom Series Compensated Transmission Lines
B5Enabling future meshed operation for distribution networks
B5Control and Protection Strategies for Multi-Terminal HVDC Transmission Systems Based on Voltage Source Converters
B5Redundancy challenges on IEC 61850 systems and Migration Paths for IEC 61850 Substation Communication Networks
B5The next generation of Smart Substations. Challenges and Possibilities
B5In-Field Synchrophasor System Calibration, Testing, and Application Validation Using High-Voltage Optical Sensors
B5Integration of Protection, Control, and Metering Functions
B5Application Considerations for Protection and Control Functions Available in Multiple Intelligent Electronic Devices
B5Data and Information Structure to Cope with Sharing and Allocation of PAC Functions
B5Substation Automatic Restoration Systems for Future Advanced Networks
B5Smart Algorithms to Accommodate Distributed Generation in the Grid
B5Performance Verification and Scheme Validation of Adaptive Protection Schemes
B5Performance assessment of an IEC 61850-9-2 based protection scheme for the mesh corner of a 400kV transmission substation
B5Monitoring and Control of Power System Oscillations using FACTS/HVDC and Wide-area Phasor Measurements
B5Real Recorded Cases Supporting Stand alone Disturbance Recording Systems
B5Advantages of solutions for remote access in protection and control applications via communication networks
B5Substation to control centre communication based on IEC 61850: requirements, concepts and practical experiences
B5Research and Practice for Relay Protection Information System’s Technical Architecture on the Basis of IEC61850
B5Remote Access for Substation Automation Systems: Needs, Technologies and Applications
B5Automated Data Retrieval, Analysis and Operational Response Using Substation Intelligent Electronic Devices
B5Development of secure standards based approach to automated retrieval of power system field data including subsequent analysis and response
B5Present and Future for Remote Access Solutions to IEDs
B5Digital Fault Recordings: practices and perspectives for automated data retrieval, information management and analysis in a large Brazilian u...
B5Applications and developments for the remote access to protection relays
B5Remote Access to Substations: State, Possibilities, Challenges
C1Planning of Interconnections in Central America and East Africa, considering uncertainties
C1Integrated approach for reliability of electricity supply analysis - studies of demonstration network
C1Onshore and Offshore Transmission Expansion in the European Grid for Large Scale Wind Integration in the North Sea
C1The problems of forming the UES of Russia capacity balances for extreme climatic conditions period (Unofficial translation)
C1Grid connection of offshore wind power plants and transmission system constraints
C1A novel practical approach to transmission planning under severe uncertainties
C1Parallelling offshore wind farm HVDC ties on offshore side
C1Te Uku Wind Farm - Planning and Operation of a Deeply Embedded Power Plant with Advanced Ancillary Services
C1Combining Market Simulations and Load-Flow Calculations for planning of interconnected systems with high RES penetration - Practical Experi...
C1Coordinated development mechanism of new energy and smart grid
C1Generation Adequacy with Large Scale Integration of Renewable Energy Sources
C1Treatment of Renewable Generation and Generation Retirement Uncertainties in Transmission Planning as Applied to American Electric Power System
C1Overview of renewable energy development in South Korea and the economic analysis of grid interconnection for large scale offshore wind farm
C1Transmission System Planning Under Uncertainty of Supply and Demand in Indian Context
C1Long distance transmission interconnections expansion in Brazil impacted by Belo Monte power plant
C1Demonstration tests of microgrid systems using renewable energy for small remote islands
C1The economic case for developing HVDC-based networks to maximise renewable energy utilisation across Europe: an advanced stochastic approach...
C1Testing constraints and opportunities for offshore renewable energy: strategic development of offshore networks for interconnection and marke...
C1Generation adequacy assessment with high wind penetrations: Data requirements and insights from meteorology
C1Planning future transmission grid expansion investments for a sustainable pan-European energy system: the REALISEGRID approach
C1Planning for connection of new generation projects in the Australian Electricity Market
C1National and Company Interests of Electricity Transmission Investments
C1Business models for new interconnections: allocation of costs, benefits and risks
C1European transmission network investments planning with a view on long-term environmental goals
C1Co-development of the Mediterranean transmission grids
C1Sustainable Development of Hydropower in Brazil - Technical and Institutional Aspects
C1Application of Systems Dynamics in Long-Term Financial Planning in Power Transmission Utilities
C1Modelling of Decision Making Support Tools for the Asset Management Optimization in the Italian Transmission System
C1Basis of Asset Management program implementation in Transmission Owner in Chile
C1Dynamic Compensation of Reactive Power by Variable Shunt Reactors; - Control Strategies and Algorithms
C1Implementing a PAS55 approach to Asset Management within TRANSCO
C1Development of Support Tool for Overhead Transmission Line Replacement Planning Considering EENS and Cost Effectiveness
C1Challenges for Forming Rational Power Systems Faced with Replacement Work of Aged Facilities
C1New Methodology for Whole Life Costing and Risk Assessment
C2Wind Turbine Generator Controls: Meeting Present and Future Grid Code Requirements
C2Estimation of efficiency of modern excitation controllers of synchronous machines in the conditions of physical model of a complex power s...
C2Very Short-Term Optimal Dispatching: an Integrated Solution for the Advance Dispatching
C2Overcoming Operational Challenges to maximise the levels of Wind Integration - a System Operator perspective
C2Congestion Management implemented in the Dutch System by using market principles: a practical example from the TSO perspective
C2Congestion Management implemented in the Dutch System by using market principles: a practical example from the TSO perspective
C2Voltage control by multiple wind power plants: field test results
C2Robust Optimization and Its Application to Power System Operation
C2An Establishment of Operating Instruction and Information Gathering Hierarchy Considering Smart Grid and Micro Grid Environment in the Korean...
C2Development of Output Control Technologies for a Large-Scale PV System with Battery Storage—Wakkanai Mega-Solar Project
C2Improved Frequency Bias Factor Sizing for Non-Interactive Control
C2System Integrity Protection Schemes - Increasing operational security and system capacity
C2Simulator Wizard for a Grid Company's Top Management Dispatcher
C2PEGASE R&D project: advanced algorithms for state estimation and simulation of the Pan-European power system
C2Improved TSO coordination in the Central West European region
C2Visualization of the System State and Situation Awareness in Wide Area Transmission Systems for Electricity
C2Development and Setup of the first European-wide real-time Awareness System (EAS) for the Transmission System Operators of ENTSO-E
C2Development of an European-wide incidents classification scale for ENTSO-E transmission system operators
C2Technical and cultural interest of a centralised coordination service centre Experience of Coreso after 3 years of operation
C2GCC Interconnection Grid: Operational Studies for the GCC Interconnection with United Arab Emirates (UAE)
C2Voltage Control Schemes to improve Short-term and Long-term Voltage Stability in KEPCO system
C2Institutional Capacity Building of the Load Despatch Centres in India
C2Phasor Measurement Applications in Smart Grid
C2The conception of a New Special Protection System involving long distance - Coordinated remedial actions
C2Lessons Learned in Restoration from Recent Blackout Incidents in Brazilian Power System
C2Improvement in coordinated restoration operation skills covering more than one area (Developing a power system operation training simulator t...
C3Impact of a Fire in Electrical Equipment Containing Insulating Oil Contaminated with Polychlorinated Biphenyls
C3Public Involvement in Power Line Siting Process - a Case Study of Slovenia
C3Experience in information management and control of electric and magnetic fields of electrical companies
C3Evolution of Regulatory Frameworks for Transmission Corridors - Lessons from New Zealand
C3GreenWorks A model for assessing community driven environmental projects
C3The impact of public consultation and participation on the authorisation of a new 380kV line in Belgium
C3Public Acceptance of Electric Power System Infrastructure
C3Engaging with stakeholders: adding value to the energy system
C3Added value of integrated substations in improving social acceptance of power system infrastructure
C3Measuring Human Exposure to Magnetic Fields in Substations and Power Lines Located in Qatar
C3Increasing Public Acceptance of Power Developments
C3Development of Corporate Environmental Indicators to improve stakeholder communication and engagement
C3The role of the third party in EMF risk communication - Activities of Japan EMF Information Centre
C3Relative comparison of the public's evaluation and social acceptability to low carbon power technologies in Japan
C3External cost evaluation and multi criteria analysis to support of transmission line planning and design
C3New network structures considering criteria for cabling or overhead line performances
C3Effects of V2G Aggregators on the Economic and Loading Performance of Restructured Power Systems
C3Life Cycle Assessment of electric vehicles focussing on local impacts within a city region
C3Comparative Study of the GIC Amplitudes and Characteristics in Different Power Grids in China
C3Investigation on the Comprehensive Energy Conservation Management for Urban and Rural Distribution
C3Life Cycle Assessment on a 765 kV AC transmission system
C3Limiting SF6 Gas Emissions by Optimization of Design and Testing of Gaskets in High Voltage Gas-Insulated Substations
C3Assessing the rising needs for ongoing submarine cable electromagnetic field studies
C3The Impact of Improved Transmission System Efficiency and Utilization on Reducing Electricity Industry Carbon Footprint
C4The Romanian TSO’s Power Quality Monitoring System as Smart Grids Component
C4Dynamics and control of Multi-Terminal High Voltage Direct Current networks for integration of large offshore wind parks into AC grids
C4An active angle stability circuit reference for power line resistance-induced voltage singularities
C4Measurements of disturbances produced by power electronic devices on EHV overhead lines using Electric Field Sensors
C4Overvoltages During Line Dropping of Compensated Lines
C4Damping measurement, analysis and performance of a nuclear power plant on the Belgian grid
C4GCC Interconnection Grid: Operational Studies for the GCC Interconnection with United Arab Emirates (UAE)
C4Study of Harmonics in Cable-based Transmission Networks
C4On Management of Impact of Wind Power on Dynamic Performance of Stability Restricted and Meshed Series Compensated Transmission Network in...
C4Power Quality and Flicker performance of the Tidal Energy Converter, SeaGen
C4On the Electromagnetic Interference Associated with the Power Line Carrier System of the Cahora Bassa HVDC Line - A Hypothesis Based on rec...
C4A methodology for harmonic impedance in large power systems. Application to the filters of a VSC
C4Impact of Frequency Responsive Wind Plant Controls on Grid Performance
C4Measurement-based Load Modelling of Systems with Dispersed Generation
C4Studies on the impact of dispersed generation - Development of wind power generator model and impacts of power system faults with high pe...
C4Experience in Pinpoint Fault Location and Reliability Improvement from a Double Transformer Failures Case
C4Probabilistic Methodology for Assessing the Impact of Spinning Reserve Requirements and Demand Response Programs in Power Systems with Incr...
C4Probabilistic Reliability Assessment in Distribution Network Master Plan Development and in Distribution Automation Implementation
C4Parameter uncertainty assessment in the calculation of the overvoltages due to transformer energization in resonant networks
C4Fault Location in SEC Interconnected Network Based on Synchronized Phasor Measurements
C4Power Monitoring Applications for Smart Network Operations
C4Risk Assessment Applications in the Operation of the Mexican Electric Transmission System
C4Proposal of a Modified Algebraic Approach to Evaluate Required Capacity for Load Frequency Control (LFC) under a Large Penetration of Solar...
C4Lightning Transient Analysis of a 69kV Transmission Line with Externally Gapped Line Surge Arrester under Normal Open Circuit Breaker System
C4On Lightning Study for Wind Generation System
C4Commissioning Test on the 1000 kV UHV AC Demonstration Project and Operation Monitoring of the Main Equipments
C4Lightning invasion overvoltage study for UHVAC substation
C4A Review on EHVAC Transmission Line Lightning Performance
C4Studies of lightning protection design for wind power generation systems in Japan
C5Market integration in Europe: a market simulator taking into account different market zones and the increasing penetration of RES generation
C5How the Australian Market Manages the Winds of Change
C5Integrating Renewable Energy into the Chilean Grid
C5The impact of uncoordinated development of photovoltaic power plants on electricity market in Czech Republic
C5An Assessment for Mediterranean Solar Plan on Electricity Market in Arab Countries
C5The Alleviation of Prices Impact on Electricity Tariff caused by Renewable Energy Adders in Thailand
C5Risk Evaluation and Management considering Wind Integration: Chinese Experience and Future Trends
C5Renewable Energy Sources integration difficulties in the Spanish electric system
C5Integration of Wind Resources in the New York Electricity Markets
C5Integrating Variable Energy Resources into the California Energy Market
C5Economic Assessment of Energy Storage Systems for Renewable Integration
C5Promoting the Cross-Border Renewable Energy Market in the California’s
C5Implementation of Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Mechanism in India
C5Technological progress and the rise of non-regulated activities in the Argentinean Electric Market
C5Plans, Timeline, and Challenges for Achieving an Egyptian Fully Competitive Electricity Market
C5The Strategic Evolution of the Single Electricity Market across Ireland and Northern Ireland
C5Flow-based market coupling in the Central Western European region - on the eve of implementation -
C5A New Coordination Scheme for Efficient Dispatch of Interconnected Electricity Markets
C5The Brazilian Market Structure: Strengths and Improvements Still Needed
C5Auction Analysis for Energy Trade in Brazilian Market
C5Market solutions for the integration of Active Demand-based services in the ADDRESS project
C5Impact of Demand-side Technology Readiness on Market Designs
C5Consideration on Japanese market designs realizing low-carbon society through advanced technologies development
C5The practical application of advanced energy storage technologies within existing and planned market structures
C6Planning and operating experience of the Hydro-Québec smart zone and its role in supporting the evolution of the distribution system
C6Planning of Reliable Active Distribution Systems
C6Performance Analysis of Distribution Networks under High Penetration of Solar PV
C6Improving the Portability and Exchangeability of Model Data for Smart Grids focusing on Real-Time Simulations - Definition of a Common Refe...
C6Impact Study of Electric Vehicle (EV) Integration on Low Voltage (LV) Grids
C6Wind generation management in the distribution network
C6Generic Model for a Smart Distribution Grid, its Evolutionary Technical Implementation and the Energy Market Place of the Future
C6Advanced technologies of Demand Side Integration by VPPs and through smart metering in households - Experiences from a lighthouse project
C6Implementation of a centralised voltage control experiment in presence of distributed generation in ERDF’s MV network
C6Smart meters enable synchrophasor applications in distribution grids
C6Advanced Distribution Automation Management for Active Distribution Systems
C6Operation System of Smart Power Grid for T&D Networks with Dispersed Generations
C6Experimental Verification of Advanced Voltage Control for Penetration of PV in Distribution System with IT Sectionalizing Switches
C6Control of electricity networks using smart meter data
C6Combination of Energy Storage and Demand Response in the Residential Sector
C6Communication Infrastructure and Data Management for operating smart distribution systems
C6Smart Grid - Demand Management as key resource for improvement and social contribution to 2020 strategy
C6Impact of Electric and Plug-IN Hybrid Vehicles on Grid Infrastructure - Results From hhe Merge Project
C6Emerging Electric Vehicle Market & Business Models and Interoperability Standards
C6Challenges and barriers of integrating e-cars into a grid with high amount of renewable generation
C6Polyphase charging station: Optimized integration of high power EV charging into the distribution grid
C6Electric Vehicles: The Barriers to Power System Integration
C6Impact of Fully Electric Vehicle Battery Charging Loads on the Load Demand of Distribution Systems
C6Toward Ultrafast Charging Solutions of Electric Vehicles
C6A Road towards Autonomous Renewable Energy Supply, RAPS Case
C6Operation of Large Scale Autonomous Hybrid Power Supply System with Renewables
C6Energy Management in the Greek Islands
C6Stand Alone Power Systems for Remote Rural Areas
C6Optimal Planning of Microgrid applied in Remote Rural Area
C6Economic Assessment of Providing Primary Reserve Service with Energy Storage Systems in Isolated Systems
D1Prediction of the impulse breakdown voltage of the mineral transformer oil from predischarge phenomena
D1Effects of triazole additives in transformer oils
D1MV/LV distribution transformers: Research on paper ageing markers
D1Effect of Severe Sandstorms on The Performance of Polymeric Insulators
D1Behaviour of Ester Liquids under Dielectric and Thermal Stress - From Laboratory Testing to Practical Use
D1Nanoparticle Effect on Electrical Properties of Aged Mineral Oil Based Nanofluids
D1M/DBT, new alternative dielectric liquids for transformers
D1Study on formation of low molecular acids from aging of cellulose and insulating oil
D1Improvement of Inspection and Maintenance Procedures of Polymeric Cable Insulation Used in Nuclear Power Plants in Japan
D1Aging evaluation of insulation materials for environmentally-friendly compact gas-insulated equipment
D1Thermal Aging Study of Cellulosic Materials in Natural Ester Liquid for Hybrid Insulation Systems
D1Choice of the form of the test switching pulse and amendments on atmospheric conditions for UHV external insulation
D1A procedure for space charge measurements in full-size HVDC extruded cables in order to access the electric field in the insulation wall
D1Investigations on lightning impulses with well-defined overshoots
D1Study of Lightning Impulse Test Waveforms for UHV Equipment
D1Voltage linearity of scale factor and wave shape parameters of UHV impulse voltage dividers
D1Ageing management of cables in nuclear power plants
D1Practicable Expert System for the Improved Interpretation of Dielectric Response Diagnostic Methods of Power Transformers
D1Tuned Medium-Band UHF PD Measurement Method for GIS
D1Screening of 400 kV and 220 kV power transformers through of DGA
D1Suitability of Hamon Approximation for Dielectric Condition Assessment on Electric Power Assets with high Capacitance
D1Research and Application of Ultra-Wide-Band Radio-Frequency Method Used for PD Location in Transformers
D1Improvement of defect detection by measurement of the UHF signal transmission inside single phase and three phase encapsulated GIS and power...
D1New Procedure to Determine Insulation Condition of High Voltage Equipment by Means of PD Measurements in Service
D1Identification of Insulation Defects by modified Chaotic Analysis of Partial Discharge under DC Stress
D1Damage assessment for transformer windings subjected to corrosive oil exposure using diectric spectroscopy
D1Near-infrared direct optical techniques for the measurement of water content in oil-paper insulation to avoid oommen's moisture equilibrium c...
D1A Case Study on FRA Capability in Detection of Mechanical Defects within a 400MVA Transformer
D1Statistical approaches for analysis of failure data in power cables
D2Development of the information platform for organization of data measurements, collection, processing and transfer between power facilities a...
D2Cyber security : system services for the safeguard or digital substation automation systems
D2Network Security for the automated substation
D2Cyber threats and solutions to reduce their impact in case of attacks to international interconnections in the European power grid
D2Back-up Substation Control System with Multi-communication Media Support for Handling Emergency Switching during SCADA Failure
D2ICT System Performance Impact on Wide Area Monitoring and Control Systems
D2Cyber attack modelling and security graded approach: key elements when designing security architecture for Electric Power Utilities (EPUs)
D2Examples of Distributed Information Platforms constructed by Power Utilities in Japan
D2Study and Application of Smart Transmission Grid Analysis-Control System
D2Application of Distributed Information platforms for EPS
D2Type An IP based, highly reliable telecommunications framework for advanced smart grid applications
D2Optical Network monitoring system of "Red Eléctrica de España"
D2New Architecture for Operational Information Systems
D2Innovative Architecture for Information Systems for a Mexican Electricity Utility
D2Future Grid Control Centres for Indian Power System
D2Information Security on Chesf’s Telecommunications Platform
D2Transformation of the Telecommunications Network CASE CHESF
D2A distributed IT architecture for deploying a secure Advanced Metering Infrastructure
D2Applying Information Systems and Telecommunication To develop the services provided by the electricity sector
D2Development of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) systems for power system operation and deregulated markets in a smart grid arena
D2Privacy and Security Issues Related to Smart Meter
D2From the sensor to the Smartphone: a multilayer IT architecture to publish wind data