Python for Power Systems

A blog for power systems engineers to learn Python.

Learn Python for PSSE

The whit team have developed a new training course specifically designed for power systems engineers to get a better handle on the Python language.
During the two or three day course you will learn advanced Python usage with examples and lessons featuring the PSSE package.
We run a maximum of 5 courses a year. Most events are for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane
Check out our dedicated training site for Python PSSE training.

For a brief introduction to getting started with Python for PSSE, check out our post on how to run PSSE from Python and not the other way around. Check out our other psse and python blog posts for inside information, tips and secrets that have never before been published.

whit now hosts a Python for PSSE Question and Answer forum. It is free and does not require you to sign up to ask, read or answer questions. We welcome you to come along and have a look around.