Shine a spotlight on your energy market data

Your data archive is a gold mine. Full of energy trends and market movements. But you already know this. Since market reform you've consistently met obligations to report on the state of the market. You've also built a self-service portal for customers. But now you'd like to add to or replace your customer facing systems.

For ISOs, Gentailers and consultants that want to deliver more for their customers

Hi, I'm Jervis. My team and I build interactive displays for your data. We know that every market and data source is different because we've worked across the USA, European, Canadian and Australian based electricity data.

For retailers we've built competitive intelligence tools, for generators - dashboards to show realtime information, for wind farm companies - control systems based on market price signals. We've also trained ISO engineers on becoming advanced study automation script writers.

Software built just for you

Reserve a time to talk to us about a project you have in mind, we'll cover:

  • Detailed breakdowns for costs you'll encounter
  • What you need to consider for developing on mobile sites
  • The available technology options
  • Actionable advice on how to proceed

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