Online Python training for PSS®E

Your engineers learn Python with live expert guidance. Traditional training means losing your engineers while they travel for a three day course. With our online course engineers complete modules at their own pace and revise material at any time.

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Train your engineers without booking flights and hotels

Online Python training designed for power systems engineers


One on one guidance

Each of your engineers will work with a Python expert. Our experts are available even when your engineers are revising old material.


Tailored for PSS®E

Our course is specifically designed for power systems engineers that use PSSE. They will run more studies while making fewer programming mistakes.


Be competitive

Consultancies are addressing the costs associating with programming mistakes made by their electrical engineers. Give your team a competitive advantage. They will spend less time fixing errors and more time producing correct results.


Grows with you

The online course is constantly expanding. New modules added every month. Finally a course that actually grows with you. You will become much better at programming Python.


Your engineers already use Python. Train them to master it.

Python training course topics

Here is what your engineers learn in the online course

  • Send your data to Excel. Python is great for data processing - but don't you want to send your results to Microsoft Excel to analyse further? PSSE has some built-in ways to send some types of data to Excel - we'll show you how to use them. But then we'll dig a little deeper and show you how to send any PSSE data you want to Excel.
  • Rediscover Python's flexible core data types. Python has built-in functionality that will save you days of programming time. We'll give you the inside information on how and why to use Python's core data types
  • How can does your program interact with the real world? Learn how to read in and write out CSV files for Excel.
  • Do you know how to separate your code into multiple files? How would you structure the files in a Python project? Separate your code into bite-sized chunks that any of your co-workers can read with ease. You will write clear, readable code that anyone can understand.
  • The best type of code is the code you never wrote. Learn how to use the libraries that come with every Python installation. We take you through the best parts of Python's library. After taking this module you'll understand how to write fewer lines of code and still get the job done.
  • You may have already experienced this: spending an entire afternoon trying to find an error in your code. It is a frustrating experience. We've been there before, and will teach you the techniques for finding program errors early and correctly diagnosing problems.
  • Learn how to make pop-up boxes to ask the user to select a PSSE saved case or Excel document.
  • We'll show you how to write log files; the easy way. You may never have created one, but log files are the perfect way to see if your program is running correctly. We'll show you how to use the advanced features of PSSE's Python library. You'll write your own QV analysis tool. Create interactive graphs. And find out how PSSE macro buttons can automate your routine tasks.

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