Know every difference with certainty
So you can ask your data provider informed questions about the changes in their files.

“I need to be able to see exactly what has changed since the last network model was developed. Grid Compare does that quickly and with 100% coverage.”

Daniel Hillier
Senior Manager, Product Development

Apply changes to another saved case
We report the differences as a PSSE Python script. Repeatedly apply that script to other cases.

See the difference with Microsoft Excel
We export all of the changes as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet too.

Clients and network businesses send updated network models all the time. Compare their updated files. Be 100% certain that you know everything that changed. Then follow up with informed questions before you include their data in your network model.

We are pleased to offer you unrestricted access. You don't need to enter your credit card or create a username/password to Download Grid Compare today (free) →.

No IT approval required to run GridCompare, no installation is necessary, just a copy of PSS®E. Here is how (video)

We'll send your copy of Grid Compare directly to your email inbox

Grid Compare

Easily compare two PSS®E saved cases

New and removed buses, voltages, sequence data and generator parameters - you wont miss anything. Know exactly what has changed between any two PSSE saved cases. 

(Free unrestricted license to use)
For Windows


Is this really free?

Yes, GridCompare is released under the MIT License. Which means that it is free for you to download and use commercially in a utility or even a consultancy.

How does it work?

GridCompare is a program that compares two PSS®E Saved cases. It runs in your normal internet browser and so doesn't require any installation. Which means you don't have to contact the IT department

Are there any requirements?

Yes, GridCompare does require that PSS®E is installed on your computer already.

Does this somehow access the internet?

No. Absolutely not. Even though this runs in an internet browser, it makes no communication at all with the internet or any external site. You don't have to take our word for it, when you download you get the entire source code. You can check for yourself

I have more questions or would like support

Feel free to email us at hello replace this text with at symbol, we'd love to help.

The video mentions a trial period?

GridCompare is free forever. We did sell it for a while in 2012, but we haven't updated the video yet. Don't worry you won't ever be asked to provide your credit card or contact details.

Great, how do I get started?

Download GridCompare Here and watch the documentation videos here